Decorative Salvage

Decorative salvage can consist of a variety of items, including lamps, pictures and vases. An additional advantage of decorative salvage is that each individual item can itself have different styles from time period or origin. For example, lamps can come from a Victorian era or have a more modern style to them. There are also several wacky decorative items such as pinball machines that can give life to any room.

As well as being able to buy salvage from our Dealers and Sellers, you yourself can apply for Dealership on our site. This will allow you to sell a variety of products through any of our categories. The sale of items will not be limited for those who have an annual or monthly membership. If you have an interest in becoming a Dealer, please call 07779 991009 or you can sign up for a package here.

Paperweight Ashtray

Very unusual heavy...

Wedgewood Green Dish


Vintage Match Cover & Matches

A very pretty gold...