Farming Machinery Salvage

From basic hand-held shovels to field ploughing equipment, our Dealers and Sellers will always have the right items for your needs, so make sure that you use us for all of your farming salvage needs.

Why not become a Dealer yourself ? With so many categories to utilise, and such a broad customer base that Selling Salvage offers, there is no need to hesitate, make sure that you secure a monthly or yearly membership to guarantee unlimited advertising. Alternatively, it is also possible to sell one off items by clicking on the SELL A SINGLE ITEM button at the top of this page.

The greatest advantage of using our service is that we ask for zero commission, and the payments you make for membership or single-item sales are the only costs. If you are interested in becoming a Dealer, make sure you pick up our discounted annual package here, or call us on 07779 991009 for more information.